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Explora Mixer 3d

Customize your own Explora with Explora Mixer 3d!
If you need help, read the instructions below.

Explora Mixer 3d uses Unity3D Plugin.
For info and help
How to customize your Explora

How to customize your Explora

Choose a device: Explora Totem, Explora iRead or Explora Fly.

Click on the top-left corner and start customizing your Explora!

Choose the material for your Explora: steel, wood or metacrilate.

Choose a color or use the color picker

Choose a background

Advanced customization

Advanced customization

You can upload a custom image to simulate your Explora following these steps:

  • Click on "Upload Logo" in the "color" menu
  • Click on "Download graphic templates": a .zip file will be saved on your computer. Open it and choose the Explora version that you want to customize.
  • Open the file with your graphics software: Photoshop, Gimp, Paint, etc.
  • Customize your Explora drawing on the grey spaces (customizable spaces).
  • When you're done, save the file in a .JPG or .PNG format
  • Go back to Explora Mixer 3D and click on "Upload file": select the file you just saved and confirm.
    Now you can watch your Explora in 3D with your custom graphics!

Don't forget to send us your making and click on "Send to SiComputer": request a specific quote on the personalized Explora device you have created or send to us only your configuration, the best customizations will be published on our Facebook page.

Have fun with Explora Mixer 3D!

Watch the latest customizations of our clients:

Click on the image to see the customization, or click here to download the template.

Click on the image to see the customization, or click here to download the template.

Download Explora Mixer 3D for iOS and Android

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